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Dr. Niederjohn is an adept teacher and experienced presenter, hosting hundreds of workshops, seminars and programs in both in-person and virtual formats. Bringing a combination of knowledge, enthusiasm and energy to each topic, Scott breaks down difficult concepts into digestible, easy to understand lessons through relatable examples.

Contact Scott to explore a variety of economics and personal finance topics to enhance your next event. Below is a sampling of some potential presentations.



Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds & more

You Can be a Millionaire:  A Wealth Building IQ Game


An Update on the Economy:  GDP, Inflation, Unemployment & more


Debt, Deficits and Entitlements

International Economics and Trade

Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve


The Economy and the Covid-19 Pandemic


The Great Ideas in the History of Economic Thought

Applying the Economic Way of Thinking to Everyday Life

Be Nice to the Price:  Key Insights from Supply and Demand

The Economics of Sports

Humans or Econs?  Insights from Behavioral Economics


Mystery Nations: Why are Some Nations Rich and Others Poor?


Property Rights and the Tragedy of the Commons


Understanding Poverty and Inequality

What is the Future of Cryptocurrencies?


Is Economic Freedom the First Civil Liberty?

Can the Government Really 'Fix' the Economy?

Did Adam Smith Attend the Constitutional Convention​?

How do our 50 State Governments Encourage Innovation?


Lessons from Economic Episodes in American History. Popular chapter topics include:

  • Why Did the Colonists Fight When They Were Safe, Prosperous and Free?


  • Hard Money or Cross of Gold?


  • No Gold or Silver:  How Did the American Colonies Succeed?

Dr Niederjohn at workshop
Teaching basic economic principles
Giving an economic example
Engaging with teacher workshop attendees
Dr Niederjohn presenting at seminar

“Instructor [Scott] was great at delivering the content in an engaging manner, was able to answer questions from the students quickly and insightfully. Activities were fun and engaging. Visuals on the powerpoint presentation kept me focused. Class was engaged with discussions going on in the chat.”

- Teacher Program Attendee

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